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Bank of America

Bank of America Spending & Budgeting work sample; Budgeting dashboard with expenses and expense categories listed on desktop, and iPhone

Spending & Budgeting

An award-winning budgeting tool that automatically analyzes expenses and spending trends to help users manage their finances.

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2017 FCS Portfolio Bronze Award Winner

Bank of America savings & goals work sample; goals dashboard with status listing and goal creation images, both displayed on iphones

Savings & Goals

A light-weight tool directly integrated into the users' savings account to build better savings habits through personal goals.

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Yale New Haven Health Network

Yale New Haven hospital sample image

Site Redesign

A complete and thoughtful update for a complex system of sites for YNHHS hospital.

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Goodyear homepage sample image

Site Enhancements

Various updates to guide users directly into the purchase funnel that focuses on ease of process, not the noise of promotions.

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Assurance WeatherReady

Rethink the product details page from the ground up to make product information easier to digest, and rich product features more engaging and relevant.

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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Site Redesign

An improved site experience focusing on the features users care about, and simplfied how to get around the complex MSK website.

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2016 MITX Award Finalist


Site Enhancements

A fresh take on telling the story of Instron testing devices with a new look, focused on their history of innovation

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Kantar Retail IQ

Reinvent the experience for searching retail insights to get customers the knowledge they need...in a blink

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About Me

By day, I'm an Experience Director at Rightpoint (A Genpact Company) and I'm thrilled to be with RP at a very exciting juncture in their journey. RP is growing rapidly, and I feel like I'm a part of a not just a wonderful team, but of establishing the future for an substantial national XD practice. I'm very excited to see how RP evolves in the coming years.

My favorite project activities are journey mapping, user research, and interaction design. The initial stages of a project are intense, inspiring and complicated. I firmly believe a great kick-off leads to a great project. Well-thought out planning up front means success the whole way through. Most of my projects are at least 2 months, sometimes up to a year in length. When at Pearson, many projects were multi-year endeavors, covering student, teacher, and administrator aspects of one full product.

Public Speaking

In addition to my regular day job, I'm interested in taking on more public speaking opportunities on either XD or Painting. Let me know if you'd like to connect on organizing an event or talk for your team or community. Reach out anytime.

Visiting high schoolers at Artists for Humanity


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